Remembering Stefon’s Best Moments (Come Back to Us, Stefon!)

This post has everything. . . Nightmarish club-scapes, flamboyant promoters, and the world’s greatest city correspondent, Saturday Night Live’s Stefon.

Bill Hader, who played Stefon, stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers this week and the two reminisced about Stefon and Seth’s time together behind the desk on SNL‘s “Weekend Update.”

Stefon would always roll out in his office chair beside Seth and, instead of providing family-friendly New York travel ideas, he would deliver bizarre scenarios for a Saturday night. From nightclubs with names resembling onomatopoeia to pun-tastic bar owners, Stefon was into some weird—and hilarious—stuff. So hilarious, in fact, that even Stefon couldn’t keep a straight face.

Hader explainedthat the reason he would break character was because “a person being patient with an insane person” is his “favorite thing in the world.” And Seth was always very patient with Stefon.

Today, Stefon lives on as a nesting doll on Seth’s Late Night desk—and in our hearts. And who knows, now that Hader is hosting an upcoming episode of SNL in October, he might just bring Stefon back for one final stint at the Weekend Update desk. Please please please please please PLEASE, universe, let this happen.

(All images via Tumblr)

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