This video of red hot steel melting through a frozen lake is strangely fascinating

The adventure-seeking folks over at The Beyond Press channel wanted to see what red hot steel boring through a frozen lake would look like, which is something we honestly never considered. But here we are, unable to pry our eyes away from footage of this most unusual water-meets-hot-metal experimental battle. Science is the ultimate charmer, guys.

To date, we’ve seen frozen water stand up to and easily take down someone who thought it was a genius idea to golf on a frozen lake (Spoiler alert: It was not.). Then there’s the fact that we still love Frozen so damn much, after all this time, which pretty much says what we already know: Frozen water is almighty and omnipotent, and can hold its weight against any opponent.

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Erm, except 20 kilograms of hot steel. The hydraulic press-lovin’ couple set up shop in the middle of the wilderness and attempted to drive this metal through one foot of ice on a lake’s surface. Immediately, you can tell how gnarly this sizzling piece of steel is:

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Although Mr. Beyond the Press predicts that the steel won’t go through, we don’t think it’s looking so good for frozen water. Check out the full video below and keep your eyes peeled for some split screen angles both above and beneath the lake’s surface.

It’s rather fascinating, isn’t it? The only thing that could’ve made this a little more captivating is if both of the experimenters took turns riding across the lake on this awesomely bad skateboard they made from toilet paper.