These staycations will let you enjoy summer on a budget

It’s officially summer. That means your social media feeds are about to be more inundated than ever with the fabulous trips your friends and acquaintances are headed on. If your bank account is making it painfully clear you don’t have a big trip on the horizon, don’t fret! It just means it’s time for a staycation.

As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to experience new things, relax, and enjoy yourself this summer, all without ever stepping foot inside an airport.

Here are six ways to have a great staycation:

1Get a tourist pass for your own city

You make a point to see the sights and museums when you visit a new city on vacation, so why the heck aren’t you doing it for your hometown? Head straight down to your city’s tourist office or chamber of commerce and buy yourself a sightseeing pass. Depending on what your city offers, this can come with admission to attractions, museums, and even public transportation access. Make a point to view your city through a visitor’s eyes – our guess is you’ll be amazed!

2Head to a national or state park

Are you within driving distance of a national park? If not, how about a state one? Google around for the one nearest you, then read up on their website about things to do there. Hiking and wildlife watching are just the beginning! And you don’t have to break the bank to explore for a few days, either: Stay in an inexpensive apartment or hotel just outside the park, or – even better – go camping inside it!

3Check the day-use rules for hotel pools near you

Did you know some hotels are okay with you using their pools, even if you’re not staying there? Search the hotels with pools in your area, and see what their policy is on day use. In Los Angeles, for example, there are plenty of ~amazing~ rooftop pools you can lounge at all day (while enjoying a cocktail or two!).

4Reserve an Airbnb

If staying at a swanky hotel in your city is too pricy, consider renting out an Airbnb for a night or two. Getting out of your own house and into one that’s freshly cleaned, unfamiliar, and in a different part of your city can help you slip effortlessly into ~vacation mode~.

5Disperse camp

If shelling out for a campsite isn’t in the cards, rough it even more and go camping in the wilderness. Dispersed camping, aka just pitching your tent wherever you please, is legal in most national and state forests. Go enjoy a fun night out under the stars.

6Find a nearby body of water – and go there!

Be it the beach, a lake, or a river, it’s time to go enjoy that warm summer weather. You don’t need a fancy speed boat, house boat, or even canoes/kayaks to enjoy a day on the water — though looking into how much rentals cost never hurt! If you want to keep things even cheaper, consider just hanging out on the water’s edge and popping in for a quick dip every now and again. Also, no one said those trendy inflatable pool floaties are only for the pool – bring them with you to the lake for some fun, floaty times.

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