This statistics professor won the lottery, wants to teach his students how they can, too!

What would you do if you woke up one day to find that you had won the lottery? It is something that so many people literally dream about — and for one statistics professor, winning the lottery was an actual dream come true. And he’s using his newfound money (and ability to beat the odds!) for good — in teaching his students how they can win the lotto, too.

Nicholas Kapoor is a statistics professor at Connecticut’s Fairfield University. Clearly, all that work he did trying to get his students to understand the law of probability really paid off. In a recent lottery drawing of the Powerball, Kapoor beat the odds and won the $100,000 prize.

Now, the lottery drawing has inspired Kapoor to teach with renewed vigor to his students, especially about the laws of probability. He had the following to say after being interviewed by ABC News:

"Somebody can beat the odds, especially when teaching about them. The professor side of me sticks to the numbers — but the winner in me says, it’s luck."

Buying a ticket each week has helped Kapoor up his chances (and succeed) with winning a lottery prize — and that could be a valuable lesson for anyone looking to increase their own chances of winning the lottery someday.