This is your state’s favorite Disney Channel original movie, because nostalgia is everything

If you grew up in the ’90s, we’re *pretty* sure you were parked in front of the TV every month when a new Disney Channel original movie was released (because we were, too!). And now, thanks to a new report, we know which movie was popular in which state. Aren’t you dying to know if these researchers nailed your childhood tastes?

According to, a site that tracks the latest in television and technology, data shows that people tended to prefer Disney Channel movies that most closely reflected their personal experience (surprise, surprise).

DCOM enthusiasts in states like New York, for example, loved Lindsay Lohan’s Get a Clue, which follows a girl detective on a mission to solve a mystery in Manhattan. Meanwhile in California, movie-watchers fawned over The Jennie Project, which was filmed in San Diego and features a chimpanzee that learns to use sign language.


The report also found that less-diverse states preferred movies with whiter casts. “One of just a handful of movies featuring actresses of color on this list, Twitches is winning hearts across the South in Florida, Arkansas, and South Carolina where minority populations can make up a majority of viewers,” the researchers wrote in their report. “[And] The Luck of the Irish is winning in New Hampshire, Vermont, Alaska, and Wyoming, which are all in the top 10 for highest percentage of primarily white, non-minority populations.”

The researchers noted a few states with particularly illuminating DCOM preferences: Illinois, for example, is the state with the fewest pets — and its preferred flick is Life is Ruff, a classic boy-meets-dog story. Living vicariously, perhaps? And in Connecticut, home of the International Skating Center, ice skating movie Go Figure topped the list.

Did the researchers get your childhood right? Let us know!

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