Starting Your Own Business: The Story of Grit N Glory

When we realized our dead end jobs were at a dead end, we came to the only conclusion that made any sense; make our own jobs.

The idea of opening a combo shop had morphed in countless hypothetical conversations in the past five years Veronica and I had known each other.  But caffeine, fashion and rock n roll just made sense.

For five years of hypotheticals Grit N Glory was more of a go big or go home and decide fast, scenario.  Within four months we had quit our jobs, signed the lease, got our brands, hired our buddies and opened Grit N Glory.

Our own Rock N Roll Refuge; the opportunities seem endless and so do the challenges.

Being young and an entrepreneur is the greatest, scariest, craziest and most rewarding path to choose. It needed to be a team effort.  As best friends balancing each other out in a work setting was a natural progression.  Just like Grit N Glory as a shop the Grit N Glory in us is a much-needed balance.

Running a small business is hard, awesome, but not for the faint of heart.  Learning as we go is a daily, never-ending activity filled with mistakes.  We’re finding that the trick is to just keep pushing; the breakthrough is worth it.

I can’t think of a better life decision that I’ve made than co-founding Grit N Glory with my best friend; although my mom might argue it would be going to college.  The freedom to succeed and fail on our own terms is amazing.

Grit N Glory may have started with two people but every brand we sell, every customer that walks in and our “friendployees” put their own mark on this ever evolving home we call Grit N Glory.

Veronica Cano is the buyer and co-founder of Grit N Glory.  She loves Pantera, Slayer and Guns N Roses.  Veronica is a native New Yorker living in Queens with her husband and Fernet the cat. Emily Conley is a co-founder and creative director of Grit N Glory.  She loves Rancid, Aerosmith and Nine Inch Nails.  Emily lives in New York with her dog and bestie Candy. Find more info on Grit N Glory on Facebook and Twitter or on instagram: @gritnglory

Image via ShutterStock.