Start rearranging your calendar, because “This Is Us” just got a new time slot

If you previously banked on Tuesday nights consisting of The Voice followed by This Is Us, prepare for some life-altering news: This Is Us is moving to THURSDAYS! We know what you’re thinking: Wait, but on Thursdays I go to Shondaland Yes, it’s going to be a big change, but let’s focus on what’s important here: the return of This Is Us!

The popularity of NBC’s This Is Us is actually exactly the reason for this schedule shift, as Vulture reports that NBC is bolstering up its Thursday schedule to revive its golden age of “Must-See TV.”

The era of NBC’s Thursday night Must-See TV lineup lasted through the ‘90s and early aughts, and it included fan favorites such as FriendsThe Office, Seinfeld, and 30 Rock. Yes, before the time of Netflix and chill, there was NBC and laugh-your-butt-off!

Speaking of 30 Rock and its heavenly creator, Tina Fey, another show joining NBC’s new/old Thursday lineup is Great News, which she produces. According to Vulture, NBC’s entertainment chairman, Bob Greenblatt, revealed that Fey plans to appear on Great News in the future,which he hopes will add 30 Rock fans to the ranks of Thursday’s regular viewers. (While we disagree with the use of Fey as some sort of dangling worm fish bait, his plan will totally work because she is Queen.)

Also joining the Thursday night NBC lineup? Vulture reports that the Will & Grace revival will also be airing on Friday’s Eve. For the nostalgic, the curious, and the humor-loving TV addicts, this is great news — um, not the show, but actual great news! Vulture included the exact time slots for each of these highly-anticipated shows, so you can start adjusting your calendar now.

This is what NBC’s new Thursday night lineup will look like:

8-8:30 P.M. — Will & Grace
8:30-9 P.M. — Great News
9-10 P.M. — This Is Us
10-11 P.M. — Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

Looking at that 9 o’clock slot like:

It will be interesting to see how the Shondaland vs. Must-See TV battle pans out (nobody said that TV wasn’t a ruthless industry), but it’s bound to cause some conflicts.

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