The stars of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” are officially Marvel’s best dancers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some adorably goofy stars — looking at all of the Chrises in particular — but at the end of the day, most of them are adults who lead serious lives who only learn about internet dance trends after they’re asked to do them on Ellen. But not so for Tom Holland and Zendaya, the stars of Spider-Man: Homecoming, who danced it up for the #TypoDanceChallenge and nailed it:

The #TypoDanceChallenge was started by YouTuber Typo, who implored viewers to follow his step-by-step guide to dance virality:

And since then, the #TypoDanceChallenge has taken off, but it’s Holland and Zendaya who, along with choreography Deja Carter, really took it to another level. After watching that vid, we have no doubt left about two things we actually never really doubted: 1) Holland’s goofy nature and 2) Zendaya’s unshakeable cool. The girl can get. down.

As for Holland? The acrobatic Spidey showed off his stage dancing skills to the point where he got taken down by them:

We’ve got real heart eyes for this cute, hip crew, and we can’t wait to see them take the big screen together next summer. The much-maligned Spider-Man 3 had its own dance number, but given both Holland and Zendaya’s chops, we’d actually want to see their routine.