The stars hit Coachella yesterday and the fashion is already fiercely festive

Everyone get out your flower crowns, it’s that time of year again. Coachella is here again, and the celebrity fashion is already fierce.

For those not in the know, the Coachella is a music festival in the valley of Indio, California. This year artists like Lorde, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead will be playing, and as much as people go for the awesome music, they really go for all of the fashion. Coachella has become synonymous with things like flower crowns, short shorts, and fringe. So. Much. Fringe. It is basically just one big fashion show with music, and the celebrity fashion is a *major* highlight.

The stars have already begun their takeover in the desert, and the fashion has been as wild as expected.

Kylie Jenner, always the Coachella fashion maven, shared a picture of herself sporting a neon yellow wig. Her travel ensemble was more low key; a simple grey ribbed maxi dress and leather jacket. The most daring piece was her Vetements x Reebok sneakers, which look like Saint West got his hands on them with a black Sharpie (except you know, they cost $750)

Her big sister Kendall rocked a slightly more daring look the first night. In a picture shared via Hailey Baldwin’s InstaStories, Kendall is rocking some long braids, hoop earrings, and a completely see through skirt.

Coachella regular, (and probably the unofficial spokesperson) Vanessa Hudgens, rocked a vintage embroidered suede halter top with wide legged blue jeans and sunglasses. Her first day look is more understated than some of her usual Coachella outfits (once, she had dream catchers woven into her hair!)

There is also a whole troupe of Victoria’s Secret Angels making the desert trek.

Jasmine Sanders (aka Golden Barbie) was seen rocking a cotton candy pink athleisure, complete with #HotelRevolve visor. The perfect accessory? Her rainbow sprinkle waffle cone.

Jourdan Dunn shared a #TBT to last year’s festival, wearing a long headscarf and a slouchy white tee shirt.

Of all the VS Angels, Josephine Skriver (who was celebrating her birthday) definitely looked the most Coachella-chic, rocking some really funky double belted white short shorts with gray fringe.

We’re loving the looks this year, especially before they get seriously dusty in the desert!