These are the stars who received over A BILLION Instagram likes in 2015

If you take a peek at the likes of someone who is insanely popular on Instagram (Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, anyone whose last name is Kardashian or Jenner) it’s pretty typical to see a snap get one, even two million likes. But how many likes does this add up to in, let’s say, a year? And at the end of 2015, who reigns supreme as King or Queen of the Most Instagram Likes?

So, you know that website  2015BestNine, that shows you your nine most-liked Instagrams? You know, I KNOW you know. You, me, and everyone’s mom have been seeing these grids pop up all over our feeds. The algorithm, along with showing you your nine most-popular Instas, also shows you how many TOTAL likes you got in the year. Which means you can type anyone’s handle and see how many likes they got. Time to look up some celebs!

Annnnnnd who got the most likes? It looks like the King of Instagram this year was Justin Bieber, who racked up 1,137,594,935 likes with 1,080 posts in 2015. Yes, that is literally over one BILLION likes. Just give us a sec while we pick our jaws up off the floor.

Of course, you knew a Kardashian-Jenner was going to rank high here, and as it turns out, Kylie collected  1,057,803,339 likes with 960 posts this year. Yes, that’s also a billion. Yes, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

So who else scored high with the likes? Kim Kardashian West was hot on her little sister’s heels, raking in 875,670,355 likes for the 1,128 Instas she posted in 2015. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande earned 666,081,170 likes for her 768 posts. Taylor Swift came in above the half-million mark with 590,164,211 likes for 432 posts, Selena Gomez slid in right below with 489,921,904 with 360 posts.

Note that Selena and Taylor, who both have more followers than Justin and Kylie, posted less than half the amount of pics as this year’s reigning King and Queen of likes, so if these ladies were to up their posting game next year, it’s entirely possible that they could come out on top in 2016 as Co-Queens of the Instagram Likes.

All right, good job 2015 Instagram Popularity Contest winners. Now head back to square one and get ready to do this social media shuffle all over again in 2016. May the best selfie-taker win.

(Images via 2015BestNine)