One of the stars of “Life” actually saved someone’s life in real life

When you save someone’s life, you have bragging rights for pretty much the rest of time. Because helping someone live is basically the best thing you can ever do. Life star Rebecca Ferguson saved a woman’s life, and she attributes her medical knowledge to medical TV shows.

And even though we’ve never actually saved a human being before, we can totally relate to believing we’re doctors because of TV.

In an interview with People, Ferguson explained the situation that likely changed her life just as much as the woman’s life. It all went down on an airplane when a passenger seated behind her needed some serious medical attention.

“The woman behind me got some kind of a seizure, Ferguson told People. “And something happened — either I’d watched a lot of House or ER, but I kind of just knew what to do.

She told the woman to lay down and put her legs up. She also instructed the flight attendants to give the woman orange juice instead of water because “the C vitamin is very good for your body.”

Because sometimes when you believe hard enough that you’re a doctor, you become one.

At least for a few minutes.

Ferguson eventually realized that she needed to probably step aside and let a real medical professional take over. When she started to take the woman’s pulse, she thought to herself, “No I’m not a doctor. Stop it, Rebecca. You’re just an actress.”

Thankfully, the woman survived the ordeal, possibly thanks to Ferguson. And yes, Ferguson is an actress, but an actress who stepped up in a big way to help save someone’s life. So now she can add “hero” to her resume.