If you stare at this one spot long enough, every face will look terrifying

Our brains are curious things. They don’t always process what’s actually in front of our eyes. They’re easily tricked by shape and light, and when our brain tries to fill in the gaps, it can create some wild results. Take, for example, this crazy optical illusion.

One minute Brad Pitt is a hunky heartthrob, and the next it looks like he’s been playing with silly Photo Booth filters on his computer. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those horrifying trick optical illusions that gets you to focus just long enough until a demon screams at you. It’s a bona fide optical illusion that takes faces you know and love, and turns them into crazy distorted caricatures!

Stare at the cross and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Whoa! What the what? If the celebrities are starting to look more like cartoon characters than humans, don’t worry—your eyes are just fine. It’s a concept called the flashed face distortion effect. The photos are aligned just so, and the celebrities’ eyes are on the same plane. When multiple photos are flashed in quick succession, and you remain focused on the cross in the middle, this creates the distorted optical illusion.

It takes a few flashes for the faces to transform. And when the effects start to set in, it’s so tempting to look away from the cross and make sure your eyes are okay. But stick with it! Because the longer you stare at the cross, the more and more distorted the images get. Christina Hendricks’ jaw has never been more pronounced.


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Featured image via Imgur