Starbucks’s newest menu addition is so hipster

In a classic case of trying to please everyone, Starbucks is now selling their cold brew in mason jars.  And although we love the efficiency of a good mason jar, do we really need our coffee from Starbucks in it? Maybe? Hey, it’s up to you. Thankfully, this new addition for the coffee house is exclusive to Singapore, where cold brew was debuted last July. Although there were green capped mason jars available in South Korea last year, Singapore’s mason jar lids will come in a crisp black variety and will be exclusive to Singapore. Starbucks caters their menu and items to the area they’re in, so it makes sense that what a Starbucks in Asia has to offer, like custard pudding, may differ from that of a U.S. location. And with all of Starbucks’s new menu items for spring, it makes sense that the company is experimenting with their presentation as well.

Although the mason jars look cute, we have some questions for Starbucks! How heavy are these? Are they real glass? Will we be able to effortlessly hold them in one hand as we strut down the streets of our favorite city? Unfortunately, we probably won’t have these answers unless we visit Singapore. But in case you did want to purchase one of these jars, it will cost you  S$8.90 ($6.30) or S$5.90 ($4.20) with the purchase of a cold brew coffee.

But really, as long as we’re drinking iced coffee, can we really complain?