The Zombie Frappuccino at Starbucks is officially ALIVE

We’ve picked out our costumes, bought our candy, and watched Halloweentown AND Hocus Pocus a dozen times each (and counting), but something’s been missing in our Halloween prep…namely, Starbucks coffee.

Just when we thought we’d have to survive Halloween without a perfectly spooky drink, Starbucks released a new limited-edition drink that has us feeling like Billy Butcherson. For one week only, Starbucks lovers can put down their Caramel Macchiatos and lattes and feast their eyes on the Zombie Frappuccino.

The stunning concoction, which looks and tastes like Halloween, combines tart apple and caramel flavors to create the green frappuccino, topped with pink whipped cream and red mocha drizzle to create a brain-like look.

For the Starbucks beverage development team, which comes up with the incredible seasonal flavors, finding a taste that combined the best of fall — Halloween and apple picking — was really important.

“When brainstorming a new Frappuccino flavor for this Halloween, we started by thinking about a Halloween party and monster mash, said development team member Jennica Robinson. “We had already invited Frankenstein and vampires to the party, so we came up with another monster that could join the bash.

She added, “We thought about what you’d serve at a Halloween party, and we settled on dipped caramel apples. It has a tart green apple favor balanced with a smooth, sweet caramel.”

But the frappuccino isn’t the only bit of Halloween goodness Starbucks is serving up. The coffee giant has also released new treats: the Mummy Cake Pop and the Day of the Dead Cookie, which honors the Mexican holiday Día de Los Muertos.

You’d better head on over to your nearest Starbucks ASAP because the Halloween treats are only available from today through October 31st!

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