You’ve got to love coffee a ‘latte’ if you’re having a #StarbucksWedding

Serious question to really consider: just HOW deep is your Starbucks love? You might be someone who frequents the coffee spot — two maybe even three times a day, if we’re being honest — but that’s still not the true test of your unwavering Starbucks devotion. The real benchmark of Starbucks love is, do you think it has wedding potential? Let’s say you find the love of your life (the non-coffee love of your life). Would you, and now really think about this for a second, get married inside of a Starbucks?

For some, people the answer to that question is “100% yes.” Goodbye barn weddings, so long weddings in an open meadow, sayonara matrimonies at an aquarium, the wedding venue du jour is right inside of a Starbucks and said weddings are being celebrated with the hashtag #StarbucksWedding. It’s a real thing, with real photos. Really, really.

When you think about it, it’s actually not such a wacky idea, considering how many hours most of us probably spend sitting inside (or outside) at a Starbucks on the daily. For many of these #StarbucksWedding couples, getting married at their fave coffee shop was simply a no-brainer. One couple told The Daily Independent that they start every morning at Starbucks, so, “it just feels great, and it’s a fun way to start the first official day of . . . our lives together.” The Daily Mail also reported on one pun-filled caffeine wedding where the husband told the bride in his vows, “I want to macchiato an honest woman out of you.” And, come on, most Starbucks are decorated way more nicely than our living rooms, so it’s not like the barista inspired backdrop is a bad thing.

Other #StarbucksWedding couples explain that Starbucks just seems like the easiest, and most cost effective, way to get married. Because if you haven’t heard, weddings are crazy expensive. Even though we might consider 12 grande frapps expensive, that receipt would be nowhere near the price of renting out some sort of hall and hiring some sort of DJ. Actually, the more we think about it this whole #StarbucksWedding thing is starting to sound like a really great idea.

Also can we talk more about the pun potential? Give me enough time, and I’ll figure out how to integrate a venti shaken iced tea lemonade into my future wedding vows.

Cake pops for everyone!

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