You will fall in love with Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day drinks (they’re gone after this week, though)

Starbucks wants to be your Valentine this year. TBH you just might want to consider it, because their sweetheart game is strong. Just in time for Feb 14th, they’ve introduced three new Valentine’s Day drinks. And Oh. My. Yum.

I’ve got two words for you, guys: Molten Chocolate. Starbucks is all about the mouthwatering, heavenly goodness of molten chocolate this V-Day, and it’s the basis of all three of the new drinks.

So, what exactly are those three cups of deliciousness? The first is Molten Hot Chocolate, which is made with “chocolaty” chips and bittersweet mocha sauce blended into steamed milk. (Yum.) The second is the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, which is the delicious frozen coffee confection we all know and love, but with the extra magic of those chocolaty chips and bittersweet mocha sauce whipped inside. (Double yum.) And the third is the Molten Chocolate Latte, which has the the chocolaty chips melted right into the espresso and the bittersweet mocha sauce added to the steamed milk.

Sounds rich and indulgent and like a box of fancy chocolates in liquid form and we are all like, YES.

All three of the molten chocolate drinks come with whipped cream and drizzle. And guess what? There’s mocha in that, too. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, guys! Treat yo self.

Starbucks also has a whole selection of adorable gif valentines which you can download from their website and customize for your sweetheart, BFF or all of your galentines. Check them out here.

BRB. There’s a Molten Chocolate Latte calling my name.

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