Starbucks has special Valentine’s Day cups, and they’re adorbs

Valentine’s Day is on Saturday (duh), and whether you have a valentine or not, it doesn’t really matter, because Starbucks has just become everyone’s collective valentine! Starbucks has gifted our coffee universe with special Valentine’s Day cups with hearts on them (instead of check boxes), because they understand it’s the little things that matter.

So, now through Valentine’s Day, when you order a cup of coffee, you’ll receive a cup with with hearts instead of boring rectangles to identify your order. And if the Starbucks employees are feeling EXTRA lovey, they may even decorate the hearts.

Now, if the coffee was FREE or if we got a delicious heart-shaped cookie with the coffee, we’d REALLY feel the love, Starbucks! No? OK, we’ll settle for the adorable cup hearts.

Check out some of the Instagram reactions from people who are really feeling the Starbucks love:

Thanks for the love, Starbucks!

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