Starbucks totally confused Helen Hunt with Jodie Foster, oops

We’ve all been there. You give your name to any barista at any coffee establishment, and they manage to get it a little bit wrong. It happens. But when you’re an Oscar-winning actor, it’s just a LITTLE more awkward. Particularly if you’re mistaken for another Oscar-winning actor (who kinda, sorta, looks like you??).

Enter, Helen Hunt. The other day, Helen tweeted an honest mistake a barista made. false

When Helen asked if the Starbucks employee wanted her name, the barista simply responded, “We gotcha.” Then, the best thing happened. They wrote “Jody”, as in Jodie Foster, instead.

For the record, this is what Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster look like side by side, respectively.


Not exactly twins, but we can see where the confusion could come from. Both Oscar-winning actors. Both got great hair and similar haircuts. We get it.

But it’s all good, because Starbucks immediately responded with an apologetic tweet. false

To be fair, there are way worse people anyone could be mistaken for, and being mistaken for another brilliant actor ain’t so bad, right? Keep gettin’ those gold card points, Helen!


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