Starbucks created a shoe version of its iconic coffee cup for this football player, and uh, can we have a pair?

What would it take for Starbucks to create a shoe just for us? Would we have to be football superstars like Minnesota Vikings wide receiver (and Starbucks fan) Stefon Diggs? Would we have to break NFL records? Okay, we get it. We’re not Stefon Diggs, and we never will be. Lucky for him, Starbucks custom designed and gifted him Starbucks-themed cleats. Furthermore, the footballer loved them so much, he’s wearing them to the pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks. (Umm, Seattle? The birthplace of Starbucks? Interesting.)

No shoe have ever made us want to reach for a venti latte like this pair.

The green laces perfectly match the iconic Starbucks logo. Additionally, the brown bands kinda look like those hand-saving cup cozies. You know, the ones we so often forget until we’ve already driving away. Plus, we love that the shoes rest on top of two bags of Starbucks beans. What’s better than the smell of coffee beans and clean leather? (That’s a fashion invention we’re dying to see/smell — aromatic fabric.)

Another sneaky/clever little detail is the drink boxes printed into the leather.

Because X marks the drink. Also, Diggs is also printed on the heel. In true Starbucks’ fashion, it’s been misspelled as “Digz.”

Mache Custom Kicks, who tweeted the sneak peek pic, had this to say in their post: “@Starbucks inspired cleats for my man @StefonDiggs for the preseason game in Seattle Friday night. #starbucks #skol #vikings.” Stefon was definitely feeling the love. He gave them a big shout out on Twitter:

Now if we could only do something impressive enough to get our very own custom-designed pair of Starbucks pumps, we could die happy!