The internet thinks Starbucks is releasing an Ariana Grande-themed drink tomorrow, and yes, please

Back in January, Starbucks made our winter when it released the new Cinnamon Shortbread Latte. And it looks like there might be a new drink on the horizon…and it could involve Ariana Grande. Yes, you read that right.

On March 4th, a cryptic Twitter exchange between the pop star and the coffee chain kicked off the speculation. It began when Starbucks tweeted a series of suggestive emojis: two clouds, a cup of coffee, and a green heart. Just minutes later, Grande tagged the company in a similar tweet, featuring two cloud emoji, a coffee emoji, and a black heart emoji. She concluded her tweet by writing “3/5,” which certainly looks like a direct nod to tomorrow’s date.

Adding even more to this mystery, the company also shared a series of cloud-related ASMR videos to its Instagram page today. In one video, a hand crumbles a glitter-filled cloud, while the other two involve cloud-shaped kinetic sand. Later, the company added a picture of a blue sky dotted with clouds.

And on Twitter, the chain shared a hidden message written in the sky, confirming that an announcement is indeed coming tomorrow.

Fans immediately wondered what the posts could mean, and many developed their own theories. Since Grande has released cloud-themed products before, some think the company might be collaborating with her on a new beverage.

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Others joked that Grande might be sending a message about her career trajectory.

And some think the cloud-themed hints might point toward a different menu item. false

We still have so many questions. Will there be a new drink (or other menu item) tomorrow? Will it come in an “Ariana Grande” size? What do all the cloud emoji mean? The anticipation is killing us.

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