There may be more than one Starbucks red holiday cup design, according to these new leaked photos

For those who live for #RedCupSeason, the release of the green Unity cup at Starbucks was a little, well, different. Like, some people were not happy at all to see this cup, despite the message of inclusivity tied to it. Yes, the green Starbucks cup has a powerful message, but the red cup is tradition, you know? It’s not really the start of the holiday season without it.

Luckily, some baristas have taken to the internet to ease our minds: The red cup is coming, and it’s better than ever.

Starbucks announced that the red cup would be returning to stores — and to our hands — on November 10th, but what they didn’t share was that the cups would have new designs. At first, we thought it’d be just one new design, a bird and some branches. (Starbucks has NOT confirmed that these are the real designs.)

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But now, it looks like there are (maybe) more new designs than we thought!

The new red cups have candy canes, string lights, ornaments, and other holiday motifs that are sure to get us into the spirit.

So while the green cup will be sticking around for a limited time, the red cups and their many designs will be back in a little less than a week! Unfortunately, this may be bad news for those who liked to draw on their own cups after last year’s simple design, but the new holiday drink promo starting on the 10th will ease the mood. So, even if your friend liked showing off their artistic skills on their cup full of Peppermint Mocha, you can surprise them with a free drink when you stop by for a caffeine pick-me-up.

Just take a look at these beauties:

We’re excited that the red cup will be back this season, and we can’t wait to share the love!