Starbucks released a line of rainbow drinks with Lady Gaga

There are things that actually make America great, and a couple of them are Lady Gaga and Starbucks. Because honestly, where would we be without our mother monster? Or our 9 a.m. espresso? We are thankful for good, fierce women and coffee, and that’s why we’re so excited that Starbucks and Lady Gaga have teamed up for Cups of Kindess, a line of four bold and bright drinks that support Gaga’s Born This Way foundation.

Starbucks will be selling the line starting on June 13th, so get ready, because you’re going to want in on this ASAP.

Four colorful drinks are included in this line: the beloved Pink Drink and Ombré Pink Drink, as well as two new editions, the Matcha Lemonade and the Violet Drink.

Lady Gaga “instantly” fell in love with the Matcha Lemonade, according to Starbucks, and we don’t blame her. The drink is made with matcha and lemonade shaken up and poured over ice. The Violet Drink is made with the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and coconut milk, and yes, it’s purple.

Twenty-five cents from each drink sold will be donated to the Born This Way foundation, so you have an excuse to try all these flavors — no guilt involved.

In a statement on Starbucks’ site, Lady Gaga says, “We’re healthier and happier when we live our lives with compassion and our communities are stronger when we treat one another with generosity and respect. Born This Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups of Kindness collection.”

The campaign only runs until June 19th, so if you want to support a great cause and drink some delicious drinks, head to your local Starbucks. And don’t worry, the Matcha Lemonade and Violet Drink aren’t going anywhere.

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