Starbucks created a support group for Pumpkin Spice Latte enthusiasts, because it’s hard out here for a PSL

The end of summer is approaching way too rapidly, but not everyone is sad that fall’s on the horizon—especially Pumpkin Spice Latte enthusiasts. If your friends are more into bikinis than wooly knits, though, Starbucks has created a support group for you.

The closed Facebook group, called the Leaf Rakers Society, is meant for anyone who’s counting down the days until the PSL is back because they love all things fall. To join, you have to answer one question: Is your favorite season autumn or fall? In your heart, you’ll know the right answer.

Right now, the group has over 10,000 members, which makes sense considering how popular PSLs are. Having the chance to communicate with others who are ready to trade in sunshine for crunchy leaves will definitely help pass the time until autumn arrives.

The group’s description reads,

“This is a safe place for a) pumpkins b) year-round scarf-wearers c) those who would rather work on their Halloween costume than their tan d) members of the Great Pumpkinwatch 2017 Facebook Group. This group serves as a forum where we constructively work together with Mother Nature to help autumn arrive earlier in the calendar year. Maybe we get rid of August, or something?”

Starbucks is right. Who needs August?

The rules of the group are simple: Talk about Starbucks products, don’t get political, and keep your chatting fall-themed. And above all else, you can only share your love for fall, no hate. “Please: no hatin’ on fall,” the rules state. “This includes pumpkins, cold breezes, leaf piles, or autumnal-themed scarves.”

Sounds easy enough.