Starbucks released two protein-packed drinks today, but there’s an ordering hack you should know about

Ever feel like you want a little protein with your morning coffee, especially if you don’t have time for breakfast before work? Starbucks is coming to your rescue with two new blended protein drinks.

On Tuesday, August 14th, Starbucks launched Protein Blended Cold Brew drinks in two flavors: Almond and Cacao. According to a press release, the drinks are made with milk and plant protein, a banana-date fruit blend for added sweetness, and either almond milk and almond butter or coconut milk and cacao powder, depending on which flavor you order.

While the drinks clock in at between 250 and 270 calories each—not bad, considering some Frappuccinos are well over 400 calories— they contain a startling amount of sugar; we’re talking 22 grams or more per drink. That’s not great news, but luckily there’s an ordering hack that can cut that number way down.

According to Starbucks Project Manager Rachel Dietrich, these drinks are totally customizable. She told Well and Good, “Instead of asking for the banana-date sweetener, ask for it to be made with half a banana. Then there will only be two grams of added sugar.”

And FYI, this hack works for both drinks.

As far as other hacks go, Dietrich also told the site that the drink can be ordered decaf or even without coffee, if you just want a protein fix.

Ready to test it out? These drinks are already available in Starbucks stores and for mobile ordering, so get to it. It sounds like a perfect breakfast for tomorrow (or part of one, anyway) don’t you think?