The Starbucks and Princi collab is a game-changer for pastry lovers

Starbucks has several tricks up its sleeve. You might have seen Starbucks Reserve bars popping up near you, which are like, cool wine bars, but they serve Starbucks and have way better seats. Soon, you’ll be stepping foot into Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, which are being described as “the Willy Wonka for coffee.” So far there is only one Reserve Roastery location in Seattle, but once they open more locations, you will NEED to get yourself to one ASAP. Why? The Starbucks and Princi collab.

Starbucks has joined hands with family-run Italian bakery Princi to offer mini bakeries in all its Roastery locations. Why is this important? Because the Princi pastries will be baked on site. Fresh. Baked. Pastries. Y’all. None of that pumpkin loaf in a plastic bag nonsense. Plus, they don’t just stop at muffins and croissants — Princi will offer pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. Starbucks is becoming an Italian pasticceria and we are HERE. FOR. IT.

The menu will reportedly change throughout the day as the bakers organically change shifts. The sample menu includes: focaccia, sweet and savory breakfast, loaves of bread, soup, pizza, dessert, beer, wine, and, yes, more.

Starbucks will also partner with the Italian shop to open standalone Princi locations all over the U.S., which will serve the Starbucks Princi Reserve blend of java as a drink option.

Feast your eyes upon the glory that is Princi at Starbucks.



The Seattle Roastery is already open, and Shanghai’s location is opening in December. New York, Milan, and Tokyo will open locations next year, and Chicago will have a Roastery by 2019.