Starbucks will start charging you to charge your phone, because sometimes life isn’t fair

Countless times I’ve found myself out and about, when suddenly I need to send a really important e-mail or watch a REALLY important cat video. Like a beacon of hope in the distance, that green Starbucks sign illuminates a path to its doorway, welcoming me in, giving me warmth, nourishing me with a handful of birthday cake pops, and letting me connect to the Internet for free.

Well, now one of those things might not happen anymore: in what is actually an attempt to be everywhere for us all the time — and help us with whatever we need — Starbucks will start rolling out a cool wireless-less charging mat. But, here’s the catch: that iPhone you might be reading this on won’t work with the mats. If you want to re-charge at Starbucks it’s going to cost you $9.99, or, roughly three grande coffees with caramel syrup. This is only being rolled out in San Francisco as of right now, but the plan is to go nationwide in the near future.

Here’s how it works: like magic, you place your phone onto one of these powerful charging mats, appropriately titled Powermats, and your phone re-charges wirelessly. For everyone else without wireless charging capability, that’s where you either have to buy — or loan — the ring out to reach 100% again.

“The ability of Powermat Spots in Starbucks is transformative. . . [visitors] no longer have to worry about making it through their day with limited battery power,” said Ran Polikine, CEO of Powermat Technologies in a statement to press. “They know that the nearest charge is only as far away as the nearest Starbucks.”

But now, not only do I have to carry my iPhone charger, but a Ringer adapter, which will connect to the Powermat? Starbucks, my wristlist is only so big.

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