Starbucks is helping out new parents by extending their parental leave program, and it’s a latte better than before

Parental leave is a touchy topic in America. It’s definitely a decisive issue, one that politicians touch on at least once during important campaigns. And most of us can agree that parents don’t get enough paid parental leave. Well, Starbucks just blew our minds with their new parental leave program. With these changes, Starbucks offers mothers parental leave with 100% pay for six weeks, followed by an optional 12 weeks unpaid leave without fear of repercussions.

We are so proud of companies like Starbucks, Netflix, and Facebook, who realize the importance of this leave. These are the kind of perks (which should really be basic rights) people look at before accepting a new job.

Starbuck’s president Kevin Johnson said in a press release:

"While we have made substantial investments in our partners, we want to continue to do more. This is one of many steps we are actively taking to evolve our benefits and create a Partner Experience that lives up to our aspirations.

Bravo, Starbucks!

This move makes Starbucks a leader in parental leave amongst the fast food service industry. In case you did not know, McDonald’s offers birth mothers 12 weeks at 50 percent pay and nothing for non-birth parents. Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken offer no parental leave whatsoever.

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