Starbucks may be gifting us with a new “Pokémon Go” drink

Listen up, caffeine and Pokémon Go addicts. Starbucks may be releasing a new Pokémon-themed drink to celebrate the release of a Pokémon Go update, according to internal documents.

Documents leaked and shared on Imgur feature a Pokémon Go-inspired strawberry/vanilla frappuccino made with raspberry syrup and freeze-dried whole blackberries, inspired by the berries you can pick up in the game.

The documents claim the Pokémon Go update, along with the Starbucks drink, will be available on December 8th.

Every Starbucks location will also become a Pokéstop so players can reload on pokéballs and other important items while stopping in for the themed drink, which the documents say will retail for $4.95.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Pokémon on a Starbucks menu, though it does appear to be the first time the two companies have officially partnered. Back in August, limited Starbucks locations featured a Pokémon drink made with strawberry and vanilla frappuccino to resemble the iconic pokéballs.

Starbucks has yet to confirm the drink’s release, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the rumors are true.