Wait, you can use a Starbucks lid for this?

Okay, so full disclosure: We have a deep affection for Starbucks. Their secret rainbow menu of Pink, Orange, Blue, and Purple drinks never cease to amaze us, not to mention the latest additions that made our summer complete! Now for the news that sends Starbucks into a whole new category of amazing: There is a secret function of the cup that we’ve overlooked ALL this time!

The UK news site Metro recently did some manhandling to the Starbucks coffee cup and lid and discovered that there are ridges on the inner section of the plastic lids. What would they be for, you ask? Well actually, the cup fits into those center rings, meaning the lid doubles as a coaster. Wait, what?! Yes, it really does!

Imgur provides this handy example of what we’ve been missing out on our whole lives. Got to admit, we’re feeling kinda silly right now. As you can see, the design is simple and functional. And perfect.The secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know about

That’s right, you can say goodbye to spillage, nasty puddles of condensation, or even permanent stains on your nice wooden table! This life hack is blowing up on social media because of course it is. false false

Dear Starbucks, we didn’t know it was possible, but you’ve outdone yourself and we are ever-so-grateful for your tremendous foresight. BRB…going to grab a yummy delight from your establishment, and absolutely going to take advantage of the free coaster! It’s a game changer. false