Starbucks just turned your favorite summertime pie into a Frappuccino

Uh, we hate to be the one to break this to you because you’re probably going to want to book a plane ticket immediately, but Starbucks’ newest Frappuccino is inspired by an American cherry pie. Crust and all. Not only is it the most patriotic thing you can drink through the Fourth of July, it seriously looks like its the most delicious thing to ever hit the Starbucks menu. Some bad news for our American friends, though: It’s only available in Japan right now, and there’s no word yet if it will ever make it stateside. We know, it’s a bummer. It’s kind of unfair to name a drink so deeply rooted in AMERICA (not to mention that it’s our favorite summertime dessert) and not let us have one. But we’ll let that slide for now since we’re too busy drooling over the pie crust in the form of the classic Frappuccino domed-shaped lid.

It’s made of the vanilla Frap with layers of cherry compote and then topped off with whipped cream and then the crust layer. Starbucks wants customers to take a stab at the crust with their straw, the same way you would get at a slice of grandma’s pie with a fork. Just dive right in.

Cherry pie aside, if you want some legit Starbucks envy, you need take a look at some of the other glorious Starbucks concoctions that are offered in Japan. Like matcha pudding cups that, despite their super green color, look just lovely for a mid-day snack.

Or actual mini Frappuccino makers so you can make your own American Cherry Pie Frappuccino at home. Starbucks locations in Japan sell these colorful little tumblers  that you put in the freezer overnight and then mix in some milk and your favorite Starbucks VIA instant coffee. Violá — your very own iced drink for probably a fraction of the price.

Bonus points: When you make them at home, you can make them a little boozy, like some people on social media have already figured out how to do. Geniuses.

So, please excuse while we go look up tickets to Japan, because obviously their Starbucks situation is way more fun than ours right now for the summertime. The new avocado toast was a nice touch, but we could definitely go for a vanilla cherry pie.