Starbucks just introduced their newest drink. Could we BE any more excited?

Starbucks had a very busy 2015. They introduced mobile ordering, stopped selling CDs (tear), and dealt with that whole red cup outrage. They also introduced more specialty drinks than ever, and now have one more for us — the Latte Macchiato.

Yes, the Starbucks menu already offers both a latte and a macchiato, but now you can have them both. In one drink. At the same time. Bless you, Starbucks! The Latte Macchiato is the perfect pick-me-up we never knew we needed until now.

So what exactly is this delicious new concoction? According to a Starbucks spokesperson, “The Latte Macchiato is just two ingredients — espresso and milk— combining perfectly aerated whole milk free-poured, creating a meringue like foam, and then topped with two full, roasty espresso shots which are slowly poured through the foam ‘marking’ the milk with a signature espresso dot.”

It might seem like the Latte Macchiato is just another drink variation that uses the same ingredients. And technically, it is — but it’s more than that. It’s all about the size of the espresso shot used. When compared to the rest of the espresso menu, the Latte Macchiato is stronger than a latte and a cappuccino, and has a little more espresso flavor than a flat white — but it’s not as intense as an espresso macchiato.

The Latte Macchiato will be available in the U.S., Canada, and most Latin American markets. Time to get your espresso on!

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