Starbucks is using this hack to make your coffee even stronger

It’s starting to get a little hot outside, and obviously, the best cure for a hot day is a cool drink. That’s probably why Starbucks is creating coffee ice cubes to keep your beverages chilly, without watering anything down. This is a fun little hack that you, yourself, can do at home — and it’s a great way to keep your caffeine levels up.

The ice cubes will only be available at 100 Starbucks test stores to start out, according to spokesperson Holly Shafer. That’s quite a small number considering the fact that Starbucks has over 25,000 locations.

"It's one of several tests going on," Shafer said to ABC News. "Our scale allows us to test things quickly to see what's next."

Better coffee does come at a (small) price. According to ABC, the addition of coffee cubes will cost an addition 80 cents. It makes sense, since these aren’t your typical cubes.

Why are these coffee cubes so important? Caffeine levels aside, your drinks will taste a little bit better.

We mean, we’ve grown to appreciate the icy watery remains of an iced coffee on a 90-degree day, but this? This is progress.

While Starbucks seems to surprise us with new items on a daily basis, this is one that we hope sticks around for a little bit.

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