Starbucks inspired Unicorn Frappuccino nail art, because of course it did

You didn’t think the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino would escape the nail art treatment, did you?

In its short time of existence, the notorious Unicorn Frap has inspired countless tributes, memes, and even a pregnancy announcement. Reviews of the actual beverage have been extremely mixed. Katy Perry felt like she was drinking her own blood. The HelloGiggles team had varying opinions. We know one thing for sure, if it’s trending, the nail art version is not far behind!

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub created a set of hand-painted gel nails as an homage to the magical rainbow concoction. The nail artist, educator, and businesswoman posted the tips to her Instagram page, and the reactions seemed more favorable to the nails than the drink.

Commenters reacted with their opinions on the Frap vs the nails. One remarked, “I tried it. Will stay w/ unicorn themed nails.” Another chimed in, “one sip was good enough for me ? way too much sugar and zero caffeine lol.”

It seems like the festive color combination may be the most appealing part of the drink; the nails capture this element while leaving behind the mango Starburst in a glass of milk flavor.

The details on these nails are undeniably impressive. The tiny mermaid logo (hey ‘Bucks, where’s the Mermaid Frappucino?), the trademark green straw, the whipped friggin’ cream on top, pure yasss.

Hey, if you’re gonna do Unicorn Frappucino hair, you’ve got to have matching nails, right?

Unicorn fanatics will definitely be taking inspiration for their next hoof jobs. These babies are pretty dang magical! You could say this artist…”Neigh-led it.”

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