All the delicious holiday Starbucks drinks that aren’t available in the States. Noooooo!

Guys. This might be the biggest FOMO we’ve ever felt. Refinery29 put together a slideshow of delicious Starbucks holiday drinks, but there’s just one problem: they’re all international, and not available in the U.S. UGH. Don’t get me wrong —I love myself a Chestnut Praline latte as much as the next person, but when I see what other people around the world get…let’s just say I always want what I can’t have.

All these holiday dranks look delicious — and are all inspired by cultural sweets and treats that we just don’t have in the states. For instance, the Asia-Pacific region gets the Christmas Panettone Latte, inspired by an Italian holiday sweetbread and sprinkled with orange, cranberry, and apple.

Or, you can take a trip to Mexico and pick yourself up a Ponche Navideño tea, meaning Christmas Punch Tea, made with hibiscus tea and brown sugar. Then there’s the Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate (drool) that’s only available in the U.K., France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

I don’t want to make you majorly freak out, but there are holiday snacks we don’t get either, like Mexico’s Rosca De Reyes, a holiday dessert bread made with cocoa, sugar, and figs, or Peru’s ginger cake with frosting and orange. And remember that Panettone I mentioned earlier? Brazil gets two different types of it: chocolate and caramel.

While these drinks are sadly unavailable in the US, you *can* get creative and create an order using the Starbucks Secret Menu as inspiration. For instance, you can order the Cold Hot Chocolate Frappuccino (made with Double Chocolate Chip Creme Frapp base, vanilla syrup, blended whipped cream, whip and mocha drizzle, and peppermint syrup if you wanna holiday it up!). Or the Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino, which sounds like a dream come true.

Another option is to hit up your local Starbucks and ask for their newest holiday beverage: Teavana Gingerbread Tea Latte! According to Delish, the drink is a “combination of Teavana Royal English Breakfast tea, gingerbread  flavors, and cinnamon spice.” Sounds like the ultimate cozy drink!

Your THIRD option is to get your passport and do some traveling in the name of Starbucks holiday drinks. And we totally support that.

(Image via Leena Robinson /, Starbucks)

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