Starbucks has maybe been misspelling your name wrong on purpose for a GENIUS reason

If you’re an American citizen, chances are you’ve given your name to a Starbucks employee, at least once in your life, in hopes of receiving a caffeinated beverage with said name written correctly on the cup. But as Starbucks customers are all too familiar with, sometimes a barista has a hearing lapse and butchers the spelling of one’s name until it’s almost unrecognizable. That customer usually takes to social media to complain or joke about his or her misspelling woes. All in good fun, okay?!

But what if this misspelling of names is done on purpose? The brains over at Super Deluxe have crafted a conspiracy that blows this blatant mistreatment of names out of the water. According to Super Deluxe, Starbucks is hacking names to bits in order to receive free marketing.

Don’t believe us? Maybe Super Deluxe’s video will convince you:

You must admit, this data is riveting due to the fact that “Molly” is one of the easiest names to spell. How could a barista get it wrong – that is, unless they wanted to.

Like Super Deluxe says, millions of people each year are victims of Starbucks name misspellings. These people go on to immortalize these misspelling online:

“They take pictures of their butchered names and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, wherever,” the video says. “And what do all these pictures have in common? Two things. A misspelled name and that familiar green siren staring at you with her all-knowing gaze. That’s right sheeple. You’ve been giving Starbucks free advertising for years.”

Oh my god. We are…we are sheeple, aren’t we? The proof is in the Starbucks mocha Frappuccino pudding. Just look at all this free Starbucks marketing –

Super Deluxe proves that this is an endless cycle of Starbucks controlled consumer frustration:

“That innocent little scribble on the side of your Pumpkin Spice Latte is tugging at the subconscious of your friends to go out and buy Pumpkin Spice Lattes of their own only to have their names misspelled, take a picture, and thereby perpetuate this frothy cycle of control.”

We’re bringing the misspellings on ourselves! Where does it end?

Like the video says, “believe whatever you want.” But now that your eyes have been opened (and that’s not because of that Starbs caffeine you consumed this morning), it might be hard for you to look the other way when your barista writes his or her favorite color instead of your name on your next cup of coffee.

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