Starbucks’ Halloween drink is officially “The Frappula”

With only a few days to go until Halloween, expect a last little push for all sorts of spooky delight. If there’s one thing we want to be extra haunting this week, it’s our coffee. So leave the PSL behind for a few days, and sink your teeth into Starbucks’ newest drink: The Frappula.

This drink is “vampire” inspired — in case you didn’t get that Dracula pun — and is a Frappuccino based drink. There’s no caffeine in it, but maybe that’s for the best since vampires generally like to sleep during the day. On the bottom, we’ve got some mocha syrup and whipped cream immediately on top of that. In the middle, there’s a heaping helping of white mocha frappy-goodness. And to top it all off, raspberry syrup is drizzled on the top to mimic the blood of Dracula’s latest victim (or maybe, The Countess’ latest victim, depending on your favorite vampire du jour).

Last year, Starbucks rolled out the Franken Frapp, which was green tea-flavored and resembled Frankenstein’s coloring. Now, with the Frappula it looks like Starbucks is going come up with a new scary (and punny) drink every Halloween. And while the Frappula will only be available in the U.S. and Canada (along with Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand), don’t worry friends in the U.K. and Latin America! You’re getting a Frappula, too, but it’ll be chocolate based instead.

The Frappula lands in Starbucks on the 28th, and it’ll only be available until the 31st. Then it’ll head back into its coffee coffin for all eternity (or, you could always order it off the menu if you become that attached to it).

(Image via Starbucks)


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