This man chilling in a Starbucks during a flood is all of us

When there’s a disaster that is being contained, sometimes city officials tell citizens to go about their lives and keep moving forward. One man in Hong Kong took this idea very literally, letting not even a rising flood keep him from enjoying his coffee.

As Hong Kong experienced flash flooding and rainstorms due to Super Typhoon Haima, an elderly man casually read his newspaper as water levels rose at his local Starbucks. He was caught in photos by 23-year-old medical worker Kristy Chan.

Hong Kong media site TV Most shared the photo to their Facebook, where it immediately went viral.

The caption in Chinese reads: “Huh? The newspaper said that it would be raining today! But I forgot to bring my umbrella.”

The man, who social media has nicknamed “Starbucks Uncle,” inspired dozens of hilarious comments.

“For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can also experience what it’s like to be in Venice,” wrote James Chan in Hong Kong.

“Rain rain go away, this old grandfather can’t have his coffee another day,” wrote Sze Yun.

Eventually, another casual customer joined him.

And, of course, because the Internet is a wonderful place, Starbucks Uncle is now the star of many a meme.

The Old Man and the Sea

A Tropical Vacation


We all know how it feels to be this guy. Sometimes life bears down on us with all its uncontrollable rage (typhoon schmyphoon), and we’re like, hrmph, I’m drinking my coffee. We get you, Starbucks Uncle.