A Starbucks employee does the sweetest thing for police officers following the NYC bombing, melts our hearts

New York City can be a pretty intense place; those of us who live there know it’s a fast-paced city where the norm typically encompasses experiences that would seem bananas to anyone else.

Perhaps that’s why the city barely skipped a beat on Saturday night, when an improvised bomb went off on 23rd Street between 6th and 7th avenues. While 29 people were injured, on a Saturday night in Manhattan, things could have been a lot worse. Still, the city was shaken by the threat; social media was filled with New Yorkers notifying loved ones that they were okay while asking that they do the same.

However, one Starbucks employee’s actions on Sunday afternoon are what really stick with us. Law enforcement played a huge role in keeping the city safe in the aftermath of the explosion, setting up barricades, finding a second explosive, and generally helping the city to keep moving through a chaotic circumstance.

A Starbucks employee named Jermaine wanted law enforcement officers to know how thankful he was, according to CNN. A video shows Jermaine handing a police officer cups of milk, then handing a young man in a FDNY shirt several large bags over the barricades.

“Thank you, it’s much appreciated,” said the man in the FDNY shirt. When Jermaine expressed that he wished he could do more, the same man responded, “No, man, this is awesome.”

Jermaine handed the law enforcement officers boxes of coffee as well as cups, cream, and sugar. He told them there were some pastries in one of the bags for them to share, as well. Judging by the law enforcement officers’ profuse thanks, the small gesture meant a great deal – we know it’s making us feel all the feels.