This is the next Starbucks drink you should buy, based on your zodiac sign


If you’re like us, then you’re likely overwhelmed by all the choices at your local Starbucks. After all, just think of the possibilities! There’s so much your barista can do for you! But don’t worry, to help narrow down your selection, we’ve looked to the stars with the help of astrologer Chani Nicholas. And what did we find? Well, thanks to our zodiac barista, we’ve concocted the next Starbucks drink each sign should buy (with a side of magic, of course).


As an eccentric person, it’s likely that you seek out everything and anything unique in this world. The perfect example: You walk into a coffee shop and order the most unusual drink on the menu, even if it’s something that makes people stop and give you an odd look. You can’t help it! You’re a progressive person who loves coming up with (and supporting) original ideas. So, when you see something like a “Chile Mocha” on the menu, you’re going to perk up and instantly want to try such a creation that combines sweet and spicy.


You’re a gentle soul who appreciates art in everything. So – while you may want to spend your Starbucks time trying something new, exciting, and artsy – it’s probably best that you instead purchase a drink that soothes your soul. After all, you’ve likely spent your whole day giving to others and not asking for anything in return. Yet, now’s the time to treat yourself with something like a “Caramelized Honey Latte.” Yes, it’s sweet (just like you!), but it’s also something that takes a long time to prepare and you’re the type of person who can appreciate that kind of beverage craftsmanship.


Courage, determination, passion – these are the three words your closest companions would use to describe you. To put it simply: You want to make your way to the top and you aren’t afraid to work hard to get there. With this in mind, it’s likely that you’re going to need a helping hand every now and again. Fortunately, a simple bottle of “Iced Coffee with Milk” will always be there for you, ready to give you that boost you need to keep going and going and going – without all the fuss. This is especially the case because you don’t want any frills or something you can’t take on-the-go with you.


When it comes to being practical and responsible, you know what you’re doing, Taurus. In other words, you prefer the simple things in life and aren’t afraid to show it (especially if it saves you money in the end). To help with this, you’d likely appreciate the smooth taste of a “Nariño 70 Cold Brew.” Not only will this drink get the job done, it will also allow you to take some time to relish in everything you’ve accomplished lately (which is A LOT). In the midst of all the work you put into all that’s around you, it’s easy for you to forget to take care of yourself – which is why even a simple, “treat yo’ self” coffee can make all the difference.


With your versatile personality, it’s likely you’ll want a different drink each time you walk into Starbucks (depending on your mood, of course). One minute, you’re full of excited energy and the next? You’re as serious as can be. In fact, you often feel as though you need an extra boost in the middle of the day, to help you keep the excitement and passion going. That’s right – we’re talking about a coffee break, one that takes advantage of the classic “Vanilla Latte.” No matter how you’re feeling, you’ll probably gravitate toward something reliable to help you find stability. And what’s more reliable that an uncomplicated vanilla latte?


Your imagination is as colorful as you are – and everything else in your life. Though your loyalty may come into play when you enter an establishment like Starbucks (keeping you from trying something new), it’s always good to remember that you have an imagination that loves to play around with fun things. An example of such a fun (and fruity) thing: the “Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher.” Even when you’re in a bad mood, it’s likely that this vibrant drink will cheer you up and remind you that there’s good in the world.


The spotlight is one place you want to be and you hope that every aspect of your life is in line with this way of living. For when you’re working on being the star of the show, it’s likely you’ll also have another star right by your side. We’re referring to the “Caramel Frappuccino.” With a slight twist on the original frap, this caramel number won’t only be here to appeal to your creative side (just look at the fun caramel swirl on top!). It will also be there to give you all the energy you need to keep your cheerful disposition going all day, every day, 24/7.


No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what time it is, you’re always going to analyze everything around you as you work to find whatever is the most practical, careful choice before you. Though ordering a drink may seem simple on the outside, it’s definitely not that way in your mind. You want whatever is going to be delicious, not too indulgent, and within your budget. In fact, you’re probably going to bypass the coffee altogether as you go for a nourishing beverage like the “Sweet Greens Smoothie.” Packed with fruits, greens, and veggies, this is one product that’s totally worth it all.


Considering you like everything to be fair and balanced in your life, you know what you like and it’s not likely that it will take you forever to decide what drink to consume when you arrive at the Starbucks counter. In fact, your gracious nature will likely push you toward something undemanding (because you don’t want your barista to have to work for it). That’s why you may feel a kinship with the “Chai Latte.” Bringing together the best of both worlds (tea and steamed milk), this drink is likely to make you feel as though everything is good and just in the world. And that’s exactly how you’d like things to be.


As a passionate and assertive human being, you’re not afraid to ask for exactly what you want. Though you’ll likely use your resourcefulness to make plenty of adjustments when it comes time to ordering, you will probably find yourself ordering the “Pike Place® Roast.” With this smooth, rich concoction as your base, you’re not afraid to use all Starbucks has to offer to benefit your palette. In fact, you likely know about all the different kinds of milks, toppings, and add-ons they have behind the counter (because you’ve done your research, of course). Now, all you have to do is make sure your barista gets your order right because you don’t want your distrustful nature to come out.


Since your impatient and energetic nature is right there on the surface, you’re not likely to order a drink that will take a minute to make. When running out for coffee, you take the running part seriously and want something fast, efficient, and energy-inducing (you don’t want to crash anytime soon). To help when you need a pick-me-up, the “Iced Coffee” will serve as the perfect present to yourself. Plus, without all the extra accoutrements that are a key part of other drinks, this drink will be ready before you know it so you can have the freedom to travel wherever’s next on your list.


Self-control and discipline are your forte, which is why you rarely stray from the path and do something that’s not on par with your serious nature. As a result, you rarely treat yourself to fun things that allow you to take some time for necessary self-care – especially since you’re often worrying about others more than yourself. That’s why, when it comes to choosing a Starbucks drink, we think you should order something a bit different, something that’s purely fun and for you. What do we have in mind, you ask? Well, we’re talking about the “Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato,” a decadent treat yo’ self-type beverage that will hopefully work to alleviate some of your pessimism.

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