What’s better than Starbucks runs? Starbucks delivery, that’s what

There are two experiences in this world the human race prizes above all: caffeinating ourselves, and glorious moments of laziness. Usually those two things are mutually exclusive, because if you want to get your Starbucks on it’s usually frowned upon if you bust in without any pants on and the TV remote still stuck to your butt. But now that Starbucks is teaming up with Postmates to test out a coffee delivery service, all of your wildest, laziest dreams might finally be coming true.

I’m personally not sure if our species can handle wielding this sort of unspeakable power, but I guess that is why this is a “test” and not official yet. The first rounds of it will begin toward the back half of 2015, starting in Seattle, the birth place of Starbucks and mecca of caffeine addicts around the globe. Basically what will happen is that customers can order their drinks through the Starbucks app as-per-usual, except with this new service, a Postmates courier will be there to pick it up and cart it to your door. THE FUTURE IS NOW, GUYS.

Or more appropriately put, the future is 2016, when Postmates is hoping to roll out the service to the rest of the nation. It may seem like awhile to wait, but remember our forefathers waited a full 34 years for Starbucks to grant us the first Ariana Grande drink, and we all survived through it. Waiting for delivery to hit your hometown will be just another testament to the power of the human will. In the meantime we’ll all just have to get our coffee the good old-fashioned way: by begging someone else to get it for us, or ordering it in person and ironically Instagramming the cup that says “Glerp Derp” or some other horribly wrong approximation of your name.

(Images from here and here.)