This is basically the Starbucks cup version of #TheDress

First, there was #TheDress. Then, there was #TheShoe. Now, we’ve got #TheStarbucksCup. Here’s a Sunday debate for you and your friends.

Once again, we’ve been posed a simple question: what’s going on here? With the dress, it was blue and black or white and gold (BLUE AND BLACK, COME ON). With the shoe it was, what nail polish best matches (I still have no idea). And now, we’ve got to figure out if this Starbucks cup has been labeled for Corey, or for Greg.

In all fairness, Starbucks cups aren’t known for their detailed calligraphy. There’s usually a line out the door, and a hundred coffee orders. So when the barista asks for your name, even if you’ve got a super easy name like Joe or Jane, your coffee might not be marked 100 percent correctly.

So here we go, the Greg/Corey conundrum. At first glance, I’m going to side with Corey. Because yeah, that totally looks like the name Corey. However, upon further inspection, I can make out the name Greg, too. The G’s just a large, wobbly G. Both make sense. Both Greg and Corey might be waiting for this drink at the counter, and then it becomes that awkward Starbucks moment where you both grab for the same drink. Then, you have to check the name to see if it’s REALLY yours. Since this one is leaving us stumped, it’ll probably leave hypothetical Greg and Corey stumped, too.

Check out the cup for yourself to decide which name YOU see. 

Any guess? The plot actually thickens, because the owner of this Starbucks cup is in fact named Greg (Greg Dorris, to be exact, and he’s a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live).  However, he’s not really sure if it says Greg or Corey, either. The Internet’s just as confused as we are over this, and it’s time to settle this once and for all.

Is this cold brew coffee meant for Corey, or for Greg?

(Images via Twitter and Giphy.)