The Starbucks Crystal Ball Frapp comes in three different colors, and they each have a different, magical meaning

Okay, this has to be the best news to come out of this week: Starbucks is coming out with a new drink that we absolutely can’t wait to try. Called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, this frozen beverage is just as pretty as the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino from last year, if not prettier. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s super sweet, and we can’t wait to try it out. The Crystal Ball Frappuccino also comes in different colors, meaning that everyone will have a different experience when they drink it.

Starbucks helped to make the first official day of spring even more exciting by announcing its new Crystal Ball Frappuccino — and fans immediately wanted in.

And who can blame them? The Crystal Ball Frapp sounds pretty amazing. It’s a creme-based Frappuccino, and it’s infused with peach flavor and turquoise sparkles that not only add a sugary flavor, but also contribute to the beautiful marble effect you may notice in photos. The frozen drink is then topped with peach-flavored whipped cream (does that not sound incredible?) and colorful candy gems. It is truly a work of art, and even if you don’t want to drink it, you may want to buy it just to post photos of it.

So how do the different colors factor in? Each Crystal Ball Frappuccino comes with one of three colored candy gems on top the whipped cream: green, blue, or purple. Each color has its own meaning that predicts your future. Yes, this Frappuccino lives up to its magical name. It’s a fortune teller! Or, really, the barista making it is.

When a customer orders a Crystal Ball Frappuccino, they don’t know which color candy gems they’re going to get — it’s all up to the Starbucks barista. That color then gives you a glimpse into your future.

Green means luck, so if you get that color, you’re probably going to have a pretty amazing day. Although, keep in mind that Starbucks has included this disclaimer in its press release about the Crystal Ball Frappuccino: “*Starbucks does not assume liability for any luck or lack of luck that you may experience, but we really do hope you have a fantastic day.” So, you know, take that with a grain of salt.

Blue means that you’re destined for adventure, which is pretty exciting. Maybe that’s your cue to take on some new projects that day. Lastly, purple means that magic, wonder, and enchantment are headed your way. Is that not the best fortune ever?

If you want to test this out, you better head to a Starbucks near you ASAP — this treat will only be on sale, while supplies last, until Monday, March 26th. Good luck finding one!