Starbucks is giving away free coffee for life to 7 lucky people and excuse us while we go freak out

In news that is even more exciting than the announcement that it’s officially Pumpkin Spice Latte season again, Starbucks is currently giving away a lifetime supply of free drinks to 7 very lucky customers.

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As soon as we heard the news, the rational, responsible parts of our brains went “Remember, things and beverages cannot buy you happiness…there is more to life than sugar, coffee, and caffeine”, but that thought was immediately interrupted by a much louder, thirstier voice yelling,


The answer, we found out, is by playing a limited-time summer edition of the “Starbucks For Life” sweepstakes. Starbucks Rewards members earn up to two game plays a day if they make Starbucks purchases with their card. By spending more than $10 on a purchase, members can win an extra game, bumping the total number of possible games up to 4 a day.

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Though only 7 people will win lifetime drinks, according to the website, other prizes are also available:

  • 30 customers will win Starbucks for a year.
  • 150 will win Starbucks for a month.
  • 550 will win Starbucks for a week.
  • 125, 25, 10, and 5 Bonus Stars will also be awarded. When members have up to 125 Stars, they can get free food and drinks.

If you do end up winning, make sure to check out the amazing drink selection on their secret menu and please, please, share with the rest of us caffeine-crazed Frappuccino addicts.

And if you don’t win, don’t worry- for the past two years, this sweepstakes has run during the holiday season, so hopefully there will be another chance for you to win in the future!