Starbucks is selling coffee jelly in Japan and we’d like to know what the heck that is

Starbucks has been letting loose creatively lately, adding new menu items like the deliciously Instagrammable “pink drink” and the cherry blossom Frappuccino. Their latest caffeinated creation? Coffee jelly.

The jelly-fied espresso makes its debut in a unique drink being offered this summer for a limited time at Japanese Starbucks locations: the four-layer Frappuccino. Courtesy of Starbucks Japan’s Twitter account, this is how it will look:

In addition to being kind of gorgeous, this layered drink actually sounds really, really good. It consists of a layer of coffee jelly on the bottom, then a layer of sweet custard vanilla sauce, a layer of classic coffee Frappuccino, and it’s all topped with fresh whipped cream. It comes with an extra wide straw to suck up the coffee jelly, so we’re guessing it’s kind of like a bubble tea situation, texturally? In other words, we’re here for it.

The drink will be available from July 2nd through August. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go buy our tickets to Japan.