Your daily Starbucks update: Coconut lattes are coming

Have you heard? Cow’s milk is so 2014. What’s hot right now is coconut milk, and your local Starbucks could soon be the only place in town to get a coconut latte. Ok, that might be hyperbole, but it’s not hyperbole that Starbucks is testing the palates of its customers to decide about a wide release of this coconut latte sitch. Testing in Oregon, Los Angeles and Cleveland, the coffee chain is feeling its way around the coconut craze, and who knows . . . this might just be the next great thing for the coffee biz.

We all know Starbucks deals in happiness, but this new addition could mean a lot more people could enjoy their grande lattes (also known as the “the best thing that has ever happened to me before 8 a.m.) without fear of any sort of dairy allergy. Starbucks told Reuters that the fear of reactions is why they are exploring coconut milk instead of almond milk, citing the “critically important safety of our customers with nut allergies.” Not only do they fuel my sheer existence, but they are looking out for us as well. You can’t ask for much more in a coffee provider.

Non-dairy alternatives are not really big news anymore and are becoming more popular and mainstream even as we speak, but Starbucks is among the first to source coconut milk as a choice for all the non-dairy types out there.

The coffee chain regularly tests new and cool items and trends, and it was not so long ago they trotted out their gluten-free menu. Although not all 11,800 stores get the new stuff at once, a few lucky patrons get to experiment with the new ideas. While I take my coffee black, which means coconut lattes won’t have much of an impact on me, I fully support this tropical exploration. Let’s get this coconut show on the road.

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