This artist draws incredible celebrity portraits on Starbucks cups

Meet Lyubomir Dochev, a 19-year-old artist who has combined celebrities, artwork, and Starbucks coffee cups to create an Instagram-worthy trifecta.

“My first cup was made for Cara Delevingne. I really love to draw her so a few months ago I decided to try sketching her on a Starbucks cup,” Dochev told Bustle. “People respond positively on my art and then I started drink more Starbucks lattes and illustrate different celebrities on the cups.”

Since his Cara creation, the artist has allowed Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and even the Kardashian clan to serve as his muses. The best part is that many of these celebrities have taken note of these distinct portraits and have shown their appreciation for Dochev’s extraordinary artwork. (Rihanna even took it a step further and followed his Instagram account!)

“I want my cups to look lively, positive, and stylish, so I find inspiration in celebrities and fashion brands that posses unique style, creative ideas, and make you stare at them and wondering how can look so stunning,” the Starbucks enthusiast admits. All we have to say is this: mission accomplished. We’re not only stopping and staring to look at these stylish celebs, we’re also doing the same for Dochev’s stunning portfolio!

Overall, we love that the 19-year-old found a uncommon canvas for his portraits – especially since it means that he’s recycling a product that would otherwise end up in the trash. It just goes to show his viewers that art can be found in the most unexpected places. Even though something may not seem outwardly visionary, with a bit of hard work and passion, it can easily become an iconic work of art.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re on our way to Starbucks to see if inspiration will strike.

[Images via Instagram]


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