Goodbye Starbucks CDs, you were the mixtapes of the ’00s

Life as we know it is about to change. Billboard informed us that . . . brace yourselves . .  Starbucks will no longer be selling CDs. Cue collective sigh.

Music has always been an integral part of the Starbucks experience, but with all the changes in the way the public buys and receives music, CDs just aren’t selling — and Starbucks, like most businesses that sell CDs, is feeling that reality. According to Billboard, in 2014 overall CD sales in the U.S. were down by 15%. It was really just a matter of time before Starbucks made this semi-heartbreaking, but probably pretty business savvy decision.

If you need one last CD fix before Starbucks pulls the plug, you have about another month before the CDs are no more. So head over to Starbucks, grab a coffee (and a pastry, because duh), and pick up a CD or five — and burn that feeling of buying a CD at Starbucks into your memory forever.

All of this news has us now thinking about some of those pretty clutch mix CDs Starbucks used to mix. Remember those? They were the BEST! They were like CDs filled with Macy Gray tracks that will forever make you think of lattes. To say goodbye with the respect this occasion deserves, here are just a few of our fave Starbucks mixes. RIP Starbucks CDs. It was fun while it lasted.

The Crush On You Mix 

A classic. Just look at that cover art. Track 2 is Sarah McLachlan singing “Ice Cream” which is reason enough to eBay hunt for this gem.

The Fun ‘n Funky Barbecue Beat Mix

Featured tracks include Professor Longhair singing “Red Beans.” Also, matches in the chef’s hat because sometimes life is just so good to us.

The British Folk Mix 

A coffee house genre if there ever was one. Selections include soothing songs from Nick Drake, Laura Marling, and Daughters. Have a tea with this one.

The Sundown Music for Unwinding Mix

This mix title is almost menacing and it doesn’t really help that the first track is from Nightmares on Wax, but we will give it a hat tip anyway. Any mix that features Röyskopp is alright with us.

The Heatin’ Up: Cool Tunes for Hot Days Mix 

Album title is 100 here, as is the retro track list featuring Ike and Tina, Fats Domino, Booby Darin, Jimmy Reed . . . kinda dad tunes but we’re so down.

The Love Mix 

If memory serves, Starbucks mixed up a whole lot of Love CDs and they were feeling-full. Try and make it through one of these baddies without a little love sick tear. Starbucks knows how you feel.

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