So, Starbucks almost had a COMPLETELY different name

There are certain brands that have been around for so long, it’s hard to imagine the world without them. Even if you’re not a fan, they’re everywhere, so it’s difficult to ignore them. That’s why it’s super crazy to hear stories from when famous companies were first getting started.

There are some decisions made in the beginning stages of a company that will make or break them. It’s so crazy to learn about all the things that almost happened. Take for example this story about the beginning of Starbucks. It turns out, Starbucks almost had a different name.

Apparently, Starbucks almost went by the name ‘Cargo House.’

It’s weird but true! In an interview with the Seattle Times, the coffee chain’s co-founder Gordon Bowker talked about the early days of launching Starbucks and its super odd first business name. In the interview, Bowker said that they had come super close to calling it ‘Cargo House.’ However, Bowker’s business partner Terry Heckler put a stop to that.

Heckler pointed out that words starting with ‘st’ have a strong sound to them. After some soul-searching, Bowker was inspired by an old mining town in Washington state called ‘Starbo.’ It reminded him of the character Starbuck in Moby Dick.

The rest is history!

It is so strange to think about Starbucks being called ‘Cargo House.’ It’s definitely not as catchy or interesting sounding. Also, we can’t get over imagining a world where there’s a ‘Cargo House’ on every corner. What even is a cargo house? Luckily, that’s a question we don’t have to seriously ponder. It just goes to show that names are super important!