This bride and groom are giving us some serious “Star Wars” Wedding goals

There have certainly been Star Wars themed wedding celebrations before, with lightsabers, and Death Stars, and Stromtroopers. Obviously, we’ve loved them all. But none of them have ever been as amazing as Ruth and Justin O’Donnell’s wedding pictures, who took the Force to a whole new level. As Darth Vader would say, these images are “most impressive.”

Photographed by local photographer, Tim Souza, the couple shot in and around the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. and the photoshoot was BYOL — bring your own lightsaber.

It was also bring your own Vader and Kylo Ren, with two of the couple’s friends posing as the cloaked figures.

If that’s not enough, the bride’s mom created the beautiful floral designs you see here, and a local artisan did the custom headpieces and arm cuffs. Are you getting major Queen Amadial vibes here? Does it feel like all the ladies just totally stepped out of a royal Naboo ceremony?

The wedding party only gets better when you realize the flower girl has two buns on the side of her head (like a ‘lil Leia) and the ring bearer looks like he’s a young Luke in Jedi-training. Everything about this adds up to the best Star Wars wedding pictures we’re ever going to see.

Congrats to the newlyweds, and their A+ pictures. May the Force continue to be with you both.

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