OK, the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer is officially blowing our minds

When fans of Monday night football settled down last night for the game between the Giants and the Eagles, they thought touchdowns would be the most exciting part of their night. That was until J.J. Abrams decided to drop the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer smack in the middle of half time. And then the Internet exploded.

That’s because it might be the most intense trailer to date. While we only get glimpses of certain characters and places, what we do see gives us a lot to look forward to come December 18th.

We meet Rey, presumably the heroine of the film. She’s a survivor and a fighter. We don’t know much more than that, but it’s clear she’s got guts and knows how to use them.

Then there’s Finn, a member of the First Order still fighting what remains of the Rebellion. Except, hang on, is that a Jedi lightsaber he’s holding towards the end of the trailer?

The trailer is pretty much entirely questions like that: wait, isn’t that Darth Vader’s helmet? Where is Luke Skywalker? And, oh hey, Han Solo!

If one thing’s for certain, this franchise certainly knows how to tease us. In fact, the debut of this trailer kicked off the promotion of advanced tickets, even though the release of the film is months away. We want it that badly.

Despite this being the longest trailer yet, it seems as quickly as it starts, it’s over, leaving us with that empty feeling that can only be filled when we’re finally in front of the big screen this holiday season. I’d say hand me the popcorn, but we all know it’s just going to end up on the floor.

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